Weekend Long Read - February 7, 2015

Bill Simmons wrote a tremendous retro running diary on last week's crazy Super Bowl XLIX. On Jermaine Kearse's unbelievable 4th quarter catch that set up Malcolm Butler's amazing inerception that sealed the game: 

 "People were yelling in disbelief all around me … I couldn’t move. They showed the replay. The football bounced off Kearse’s hands, Ryan’s hands and back up into the air. As Kearse fell on his back and tried to find the ball, safety Duron Harmon jumped over his head. Naturally, the football plopped back down off Kearse’s left leg and then his right leg, buying him time to tip it with his right hand, then it fell into his hands as he remained on his back. 

Also, he gave birth to a nine-pound baby just because everything else wasn’t unbelievable enough."