Why The Last Five Years of Your Life Have Disappeared

The symmetry of clocks lulls us into believing that time is a fixed commodity, but studies indicate that’s not the way it’s experienced. Time speeds up as we age. And the older you get, the more quickly it appears to vanish.

If that weren’t bad enough, we also retain less as adults. Consider, for instance, your memories of high school. How much more vividly do you recall the minutiae of those four years compared to the last four years at your job?

The hormonal burst we undergo as teenagers does more than trigger facial acne and questionable decision-making. It also stimulates the growth of neurons that soak up memories of that first date, kiss, or prom. Combine that with the fact that emotional memories feel more recent than memories of the mundane, and you can see why high school is so easy to remember--or, depending on your experience, so difficult to forget.

There are ways to "get back" that time and enjoy it before it passes too quickly. The article points out seeking beauty, minimizing decisions and embracing new experiences as ways to slow down the march of time. As easy as your daily routine can be, it's making your life pass you by. Time to snap out of it.