To Mini Or Not To Mini


The iPad mini was announced in late October and the question that most everyone has is, "Should I get one?" There are many reviews on the iPad mini and two reviews that I think would help those looking to buy an iPad are by John Gruber and Jim Dalrymple. I like Dalrymple's take on ALL his reviews because he writes them based on his usage. He doesn't dive into specs, but he uses it as he would for a week and gives his honest opinion. I recommend those two reviews to get a feel for real world use.

I have two trains of thought on the new iPad mini. If you don't have an iPad and you're interested in getting one, this is the iPad to get. The entry price is lower than the full size iPad and the size is perfect for almost everything I would use it for. If you would like a bigger, "sharper" screen, the regular iPad is the one to get. There are different storage and connectivity options as well. If you need help to figure out which one is the best for you, feel free to contact me.