★ Why I Run

The LA Rock N Roll half marathon is a little over a month away and my training is officially underway. I've always wanted to run a marathon just to say that I did. It's a huge accomplishment and something most people don't ever attempt let alone try or complete. So why am I running another event?

In the years that I started keeping fit, my routine only consisted of going to the gym to lift weights and maybe a pickup basketball game every other week as cardio. My roommate decided to run the LA marathon back in 2006 and I would run on the shorter routes with him while he trained. Back then, 3 mile runs were way too difficult for me and I even considered myself as not the running type. After my roommate completed his marathon and my cousins ran the Las Vegas Rock N Roll marathon, I figured, if these guys can do it, why can't I? So I trained and completed my first marathon this past June. I even said that I don't think I'd run another event because of the training and possible injury involved but here I am running next month and possibly running in Las Vegas this December.

I've thought about it and I choose to run these events, and run in general, because there's a sense of accomplishment in getting ready for and completing any event. It doesn't matter if it's a 5K, half marathon or a full marathon, just knowing that you set yourself a goal and completed it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. I also do these events because they're fun. You try to get all your friends and family to do these events with you. You end up training with them and completing them together and you both get to enjoy your accomplishment together. I've been training with my friend Jill for our marathons next month (she's running the Long Beach half) and I can definitely say through this training period, I've had longer conversations with her than I've ever had before. When I ran the San Diego marathon, my friend Nolan and I both raised money for Team In Training and literally ran the marathon together. I can honestly say that choosing to do that marathon and raising money for a good cause, is part of the reason why we hang out a lot more.

And finally, the experience of running the actual event is something that's hard to describe. The night before the event, there's butterflies, nervousness and anxiety. At the beginning right before the race, there's so much adrenaline pulsing that many people end up running too fast and it screws up their pace for the rest of the event. But once you get to the final stretch and you can see the finish line, no matter how much pain you're feeling or how tired your body feels, the roar of the crowd makes you forget all that.

That is why I run.