★ "When I reminisce over you..."

Last Thursday, I hung out with one of my closer friends. We make it a point to have dinner or have boba at least once every 2 weeks. We had dinner Thursday night but this time it was much better than our usual dinners. We got carried away thinking about how we met, how much we've changed since then, and how we managed to stay friends this long.

On Saturday, I had lunch with a couple of old friends from my first year at UCI. It was seriously the first time I'd seen some of them since my 2nd or 3rd year. We caught up with what everyone was doing nowadays and talked about all the fun times we had during that first year of college.

And over the weekend, I got an rather lengthy mass email from an old best friend. He was also feeling nostalgic and wanted to share some of the good times we all had back when we were 18-22.

Those were seriously some of the best and worst years of my life and I'm glad I met all the people I did along the way.