★ "This mix could burn a hole in anyone..."

I got back from New York early Monday morning and had the time to post the pictures last night. This time around it felt good not having to navigate the subways or figure out where to go next. My brother has been going to school our there since August and he took us to all these little spots that he's discovered while he's lived out there. He took us to a pizza place by Columbia where the slices are seriously HUGE. Mike also took us to a bakery in Chinatown where you can have a pretty damn good breakfast of Chinese pastries for less than $3. And instead of the usual Empire State Building, we went to the Top of the Rock for views of the ESB and Central Park at sunset. And of course, I spent the majority of my tax return on clothes.

Back in September, my best friend burned me a copy of the CD we were listening to in her car. Warm Fuzzy by DJ Neil Armstrong is the best mix CD I've heard in a LONG time. What makes it so great is that he takes the usual hip hop/R&B; tracks that we all know but he mixes them with the original songs that were sampled from. He also throws in songs that you've never heard on a mix CD. Songs by The Cure, Coldplay, Prince, Tears for Fears, and The Police are mixed with Slum Village, Alicia Keys and Common. And finally, the thing I love the most, is that all his CDs have themes. The CD flows seamlessly from song to song in subject matter and sound. He even throws in clips from movies that relate to the overall theme of the CD. Warm Fuzzy is the perfect CD to give to a girl you're currently in to.

I've been searching for places to find more of his work and I finally ran into a store that sold his CDs. The Triple 5 Soul store in SoHo happened to sell his CDs. It was extremely difficult not to buy the entire collection but I found the perfect CD to buy.


"So this is the tape about Love - the complete soundtrack to a relationship if you will. From beginning to end. All things pretty, all the things that are ugly, and everything in between. Bitter and Sweet."