★ "Don't say it'll stay this way forever"

I hate spring.  I take that back; hate is a harsh word.  I really don't like spring.  I was brainwashed in grade school to think that spring was great.  It was the end of winter, almost time for summer and it's when everything "comes back to life".

For me, spring is my least favorite season.  Summer is easily my favorite.  Days are longer, weather gets warmer, and going to the beach on the weekends is a no brainer.  Winter ranks a close second.  It's the most fashionable of all the seasons.  The weather gets colder and it's fun to bundle up before jumping into bed.  It's also a time for family with Christmas and New Year's.  Fall is third because after awhile, I get tired of the hot weather.  The crisp air reminds me that winter is just around the corner.

And that leaves us with spring.  I can't think of a reason why I'd prefer it over another season.  My birthday is during the spring.  That's cool. I guess.