★ Back To Our Old Ways

There was a time when I would post about my daily activities. I've sort of moved away from that format for reasons I can't figure out. Either I branched out to write about things other than my daily routine or my daily activities aren't worthy to write about. If there's one thing I miss about posting about my daily musings, it's that I can look back at them in the future and remember what I did a certain weekend. And even though I now have Flickr to help me remember our antics, it's always fun reading what I wrote.

So two weekends passed before the entire gang went out to Hollywood. Granted, those two weekends were used to settle into the new place, we were all itching to get out. Friday, we went to XES and met up with Joanna and all her friends. Easily the most fun we've had in weeks. The club wasn't crowded at all, worked up a good buzz, and everyone was on the dance floor the entire night.

The next day we went to Concorde. The line was ridiculously long but thanks to the guest list, we got in within 15 minutes. The place got so crowded, the fire marshall came and threatened to shut the party down unless they stopped serving alcohol. At around 12:30, a certain someone had too much to drink and was forced to leave the club. And since I was helping her walk around, I got stuck with her outside the club. Thanks buddy! Once everyone got out of the club, we helped Jo into the car and it was off to Full House. Perfect way to bring back PrimeTime.