★ Radio Sucks

If you were to ask me what my favorite radio station was, I would just laugh in your face. Why? Because the radio industry today is a joke. Most people don't know that everything that you hear on the radio, someone paid someone else to get it played on air. What makes it even worse is that one company owns 247 of the 250 major music markets in the United States. With that much power, Clear Channel Communications can basically pick and choose the next big thing depending on how much their label wants to pay.

I gave up on radio years ago when Z90 in San Diego hired idiot DJs and played the same bullshit ad naseum. It's even worse today. Try listening to KIIS FM for more than 1 hour and I guarantee you that you will hear the same songs over and over again. At its root, it's brainwashing. You hear the same shit while you work and while you drive that you have no choice but to "grow to like it". Does all this come as a surprise? To some, it should. There are two Salonarticles that tell a pretty detailed story about why radio is the way it is and how much money is generated just to get a song played on the radio. So next time you hear a "new" artist on the radio, or a catchy new song, just be aware that it's more likely that money, and not musical talent, that will make them famous.

: Someday You Will Be Loved by Death Cab For Cutie from the album Plans

PS. Ever wonder why San Diego hip hop stations are far worse than LA's? Neither Power 106 or 100.3 The Beat are owned by Clear Channel Communications.