★ New York

I can't believe it. Almost a month has passed and I didn't even mention my trip to New York. Last month, I went to New York to watch my cousin Ezar get married. All the cousins, their parents, my parents and my brother all went out to the Big Apple. I also got my roommates to come out to New York also. The more the merrier right? In case you missed it in the sidebar, here are pictures from the wedding and from our antics in the city.

Speaking of New York, we dropped off my brother at the airport yesterday morning. He was going back to New York, but he probably won't be back until Thanksgiving. Mike got accepted to Columbia University and is going to get his master's degree. How crazy is that? Living in New York City while going to school. I'm extremely jealous and proud at the same time. This is the same person who got kicked out of UCLA his first year. Have fun out there little brother and study hard. I'll be out there to visit as soon as I can afford it.