★ Sage + Firefox

Awhile back, someone commented as to why I chose Firefox as my browser of choice. I used to use two programs to read RSS feeds and view websites; NetNewsWire and Safari. It worked for awhile but it got cumbersome switching between a newsreader and a web browser. In order to get what I was looking for, I would have to wait until "the first half of 2005" when Tiger comes out with Safari RSS. I thought I was stuck with waiting until I discovered Sage.

Sage is an extension for Firefox that lets you access RSS feeds from within Firefox. No more Command+tabbing between two programs. I click on a feed, it's contents show up in the main browser window where I can skim through articles, and if I want more, I just click on the headline and it takes me straight to the website. It also has the ability to discover feeds if you find a site that you'd like to visit in the future. Lastly, you can skin it with simple CSS to make it look anyway you like. I suggest using Jon Hick's theme as it almost looks like Safari RSS.

When Tiger and Safari RSS come out, I'm sure it'll give Sage+Firefox a run for its money, but until then, it's Firefox for me. Trev also makes a few good points in Safari's favor. Most importantly for me, the ability to switch between tabs, something that Firefox doesn't support.

: Only Ashes by Something Corporate from the album North