★ My First Week

I had a feeling that this would happen...

I just had my first week at my new job. I've joined the many other rats in the race and I can now relate to what I've heard before. You work 8 hours a day and once you get home, you're too tired to even cook, let alone blog. I've been meaning to post something ever since I moved in, but I haven't had the time until now.

Let me start where I left off; my new place. My new place is pretty damn convenient. I'm renting out a room in a house from one of my friend's coworkers. That helped out a lot. Now I don't have to live with a complete stranger, I don't have to get locked into a lease, and the place is pretty much already hooked up with everything you could ask for. Cable, internet, furniture, close access to the 5, parking isn't an issue...oh, and it's in Irvine.

My first week at work was pretty exciting. I've met a lot of cool people. I'm learning how to wake up early and sleep before midnight. I'm also learning how to throw away most of the stuff I learned at UCI because 90% of it isn't relevant to my job. Everything I need to know about how to do my job, I learned in the first 5 days I was there. I'm also getting used to the commute. My work is around 35 miles away and luckily for me, I can avoid most of the traffic, until I get to the 60. State route 60 has got to be one of the most congested freeways in LA county. Finding a faster way has become somewhat of a game for me. Pathfinder Rd. which cuts from the 60 to the 57 through Brea saves me anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes from traffic. It's also a pretty fun road to drive. It has elevation changes, sweeping curves and views of San Gabriel Valley. You can almost say I look forward to the commute. (I know I'll be eating my words someday.)

: Only One (Live) by Yellowcard from the album Sessions@AOL - EP