★ All Ready To Go

This will probably be my last post from my parents' house in San Diego. Tomorrow, I will begin moving my things into my new place. A little over a year since I moved from Lake Forest, I'm moving out again to start my new job. I didn't think it would take this long for me to find a job. But in retrospect, it was nice taking a long break before I started a full time job. I got to do a bit of traveling. I got to go to Hawaii, the Philippines and New York. I know if I had a full time job, I wouldn't have been able to do all that travelling. I also managed to land a part time job with a very cool company. It ended up being a very good experience. I met a lot of cool people and made some good friends. I know I will be keeping in touch with at least a couple of people...to bother them for discounts, of course.

Last night, I had a going away party. Trev was nice enough to organize and host it at his apartment. Nothing too big or crazy, just a bunch of geeks getting together to say goodbye to another geek. Thanks to everyone that came. (Even those people who came that don't have websites or do that I just don't know the URL.)

On a somewhat related note, I found the perfect website for someone like myself. I'm moving out, I'm going to have to spend more time cooking and I need a resource for some good recipes. On the night before I move out, I stumble upon Cooking for Engineers. I nearly shat my pants when I saw it. Even the recipes are laid out in a way only an engineer could appreciate. I will see you all from Irvine.

: This Temporary Life by Death Cab for Cutie from the album Future Soundtrack for America