★ Final Post for August

What's a summer without a Vegas trip? This past weekend was my first trip to Vegas in about a year. The occasion this time was a "co-ed" bachelor/ette party for Roel and Lily. Rochelle's cousin and his fiance will be married next month so this past weekend, Oliver pretty much treated all the cousins plus me to a weekend in Vegas. On our way there, we experienced THE worst traffic I have ever seen going to Vegas, or ever, for that matter.

Apparently there were not one, but two accidents on the 15 N a little past the town of Baker. From what we heard from fellow travelers, one of the accidents was fatal, so an investigation had to be conducted, literally bringing the entire freeway to a halt. After not moving for 15 minutes, we found an alternate route to Las Vegas by way of Baker and Pahrump. An hour longer than just taking the 15, but a lot more interesting.

My career as an engineer begins on September 13. I'm nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time. What's really stressing me out is that I don't have a place to live, yet. I have 13 days to find me a roof over my head. After 9 months at Apple, I had bought plenty of little things for myself and others. Power adapters, iPod accessories, even iPod minis for people looking for a price break. However, I never used my personal discount. My "really-good-discount-that-I-will-only-use-on-myself-unless-you-do-something-really-great-for-me" discount. I was granted two of those discounts, one on a computer system, and one on an iPod.

I pondered the idea of a new computer. Yea, I could afford it, after my first paycheck, that I won't get for a couple of weeks, but wait, I have bills and rent to pay now....nevermind. Plus, I love the computer I have now, and it works perfectly fine for what I do now.

I got my first iPod almost two years ago after a lot of research and a lot of saving. I loved it, and I still do. I've taken that thing with me everywhere. One of the best investments I've ever made. Two generations of iPods later, I can get a thinner iPod with FOUR times as much storage space and longer battery life, for the same price. And so, before I left Apple, I rewarded myself with a brand new 4G iPod. Review coming soon.