★ Fourth of July

I'm posting this from Blogger's web interface. Something is wrong with the Blogger API since I cannot post using Kung-Log. No shortcuts for my tags, no "Currently playing in iTunes" feature, and I just hate using web interfaces if I have the option to use a program. And that is the reason for my lack of updates. Frustrating indeed.

I spent my Fourth of July weekend half working, and half relaxing. I had Saturday off so I spent it in the OC with Rochelle. We went shopping which is something we hadn't done in a long while, so I was happy to let her shop her heart out. Later, we had dinner to celebrate Noel's belated birthday at the Olive Garden.

I then spent the earlier part of the Fourth working. It wasn't too bad since I got off relatively early and we got paid time and a half. I spent the rest of the day with family in Mira Mesa and stayed there all day until the fireworks show at 9pm. I was kind of upset since they didn't use those insanely loud fireworks; the ones that don't shoot up high and only flash a white light, but are REALLY loud. Those are my favorite ones. Screw the pretty colored ones.