★ School Pride

UC Irvine Chancellor Ralph Cicerone was selected to be the next president of the National Academy of Sciences. I didn't know this was going to be a big deal but apparently it is. According to the article, he's been courted constantly by top universities, more prestigious than UCI, to be their chancellor only to stay in Orange County. The top position at the NAS, however, was something he couldn't turn down.

It kind of sucks that he's leaving. In the 5 years I was at UCI, a lot of changes took place, and I'm sure he had a hand in most of those changes. The article talks about different things he's done for UCI, such as increasing enrollment and increased donations, such as the Henry Samueli donation to the School of Engineering. That's all well and good, but not so good when all those people have nowhere to park and those donations go towards funding an excessive structure with your name on it when engineering students and their senior projects could benefit from better resources and facilities.

Sorry for that rant, but Mr. Cicerone did a lot of good things for UCI. In 5 years, UCI has gone from being a back up school, to being one of the more competitive schools when it comes to admissions. It's gone from obscurity to being one of the more recognized UCs. And it's gone from having one major sports team, to having two..major sports teams...and neither one of them is football.

Zot Zot!