★ iPod Love

Everyone has an iPod. Well, almost everyone. Tons of people come through the store and become new iPod owners or come in to fix up their current iPods. When selling certain accessories, I have to ask which generation iPod they have. This often elicits a look of disbelief or confusion. Then I have to explain that there have been 3 generations of iPods. People usually answer, "Oh, I have the new one", as if it's superior, and then just go on and buy what they came in to buy.

Ever since I got my employee iPod, I've retired my original 5GB to being an external hard drive, mainly using it for backups. As of late, I've been getting fed up with customers not knowing where their iPods came from. On top of that, a coworker commented on the durability of the original iPod. I have now brought my iPod out of retirement and am listening to it now. For some reason, the songs that come from this iPod sound a lot better.

And yes, my battery still keeps its charge.

And personally, I like the original design better than the current one.