★ Give Him Some Credit

Who really pays attention to those signs that homeless people hold up. They're made with Sharpies and cardboard and most of the time illegible. Today, I was at the corner of Palm Ave. and Saturn Blvd. and I saw the most innovative signs ever held by a bum. The quality of his signs made me question whether he was a bum or just doing this for the heck of it. They were on white poster board with bright vinyl letters. That's not the best part. He had multiple signs, one with the standard, "I'm poor, please help." He then started flashing his different signs and I couldn't help but smile and laugh. His other signs stated, "Wanted: Old widow. Offering: 1. Heart still beating. 2. Taking Viagara" Another said, "At least I'm not spamming your email." And a third, "Next bum, 20.3 miles." I wanted to give the guy some money, just for being different. But all I had was the change in my change drawer, and dammit, that guy deserved at least a dollar.