★ Some Good News

Rochelle came down this weekend. On Saturday, I took her out for some Mexican food and Dirty Dancing, Havana style. We went shopping at Target (I refuse to go to Walmart). We picked up some cool Lexar JumpDrives and I also got some rechargeable Energizer batteries for my keyboard and mouse. We've also been commissioned to produce the video for Rooney's "I'm Shakin".

I have posted about a few of the cool things where I work. For example, all employees receive the world's most popular mp3 player to use as sales tools, cool shirts, and we also receive little surprises here and there. Out of all the little things I've received, an upcoming alliance, let's call it, is going to blow all of those away. No, it's not a free computer. It hasn't actually started yet and I don't even know if I'm allowed to talk about it, but once it gets started, I'll share it with you...

If I'm allowed to.