So last night, I met another well known musician while at work. Jordan, the lead singer of New Found Glory, came into the store. If you remember, in December Mark from blink-182 did some shopping at the store. If blink 182 helped introduce me to other punk bands, NFG was one of the first bands I discovered (along with a recommendation from Rochelle). To meet members from both bands in a normal setting (not backstage or in the parking lot at a concert) is something that I never thought I would get to do. And within the span of 3 months, I got to do both.

He came in with his family and lady friend. He was telling me that he got a blue iPod mini last week, but filled it up already. I also scolded his friend for switching him back to a PC. Apparently I was the only one who knew who he was. No one else in the store recognized him, even my coworkers carried on as usual. Anyways, to replace his mini, he got a 20GB iPod.

I finally got business cards for work. Even though we don't work on commission, we give them to customers so they know who they talked to while in the store if they have any other questions, or just to come back when they need to get something else. Oh, and I got Jordan's autograph. One for me and one for Rochelle. They're handy for that too.

: Singled Out by New Found Glory from Sticks and Stones