★ Happy New Year

So long 2003, how's it going 2004. To welcome in the new year, about two hundred relatives, close friends, and I celebrated my cousin Melissa's 18th birthday. She really was born on New Year's Eve so this year on her 18th birthday, she had a cotillion, as is the tradition in Filipino culture. I was one of the 18 roses. Rochelle also made it down to celebrate the birthday/New Year. After the whole debut was over, we celebrated the rest of the night throughout the hotel in the many different rooms people had for the night. Even did the whole countdown thing out on the dance floor. Here's to finding a full time job this year... Along with the new year brings some changes to this site. Now that the holidays are over, the holiday theme has been put away until next year. Don't be disappointed however, since I have now added user switchable style sheets. You can change the colors of the site by choosing one of the themes listed in the sidebar. The default theme is the black/gray theme. If you prefer one of the other colors, that preference follows you as you navigate throughout the site. It even remembers your preference if you leave and come back again. There's a good tutorial on how to do this on A List Apart, which is what I used to make the different styles. I also updated the sidebar a little, adding new band sites and cleaning up the underlying code. Enjoy!