★ M. Hoppus and the Apple Store

I found out today that two thirds of the band, blink-182, are Mac users. Today, Mark Hoppus of blink-182 came into the store. I was helping a customer and I looked up as he walked in. I instantly recognized him and extended my hand to shake his. He said, "Hi" and I said, "What's up" and he continued into the store. After I finished with my customer, I ran into the back of the store. I needed to get this man's autograph. I stood a couple years ago outside a Virgin store unable to get in to get their autographs. Now was my chance.

At first, I had a piece of paper with the Apple logo on it. Then, I remembered that I had my iPod. I ran into the back, grabbed my iPod, grabbed a Sharpie and I came out onto the floor. His friend was looking to buy a 12" PowerBook. While he was asking a coworker questions, I asked kindly if he would sign my iPod. First thing he said when I pulled it out was, "Whoa, you've got one of the old school ones." He signed it and I thanked him afterwards. Then, I talked to him about the band. The band just finished filming the video for their next single, "Miss You". I also showed Mark the G5s and he told me that Tom has a 17" PowerBook. He also took time to sign some more autographs for other customers. Meeting him and talking about our Macs and his band totally made my day. It almost makes up for Saturday. Thanks Mark. Say hi to Tom and Travis for me.

: Miss You by Blink 182