★ Fuck

FUCK San Diego. The last couple of weeks have given me more than enough reasons to hate this shit hole and want to move away. Two weeks ago, some idiot tried to start a fight with me at a bar for no valid reason at all. Today, I took the trolley to work. I wanted to avoid the parking madness at the mall on the Saturday before Christmas. I get off work, take the trolley back home to find shattered glass and my stereo gone. Merry fucking early Christmas to me. I'm sure everyone has been involved in a scuffle at least once in their lives or has had their personal property vandalized at some point, but I know FOR A FACT, that this would never have happened in Orange County. Ever since I moved there for college, I thought I left the shittiness of San Diego behind. I never had to worry about wanna be Asian gangsters, I never had to put the Club on my car, let alone hide my 4 year old Sony head unit for fear that someone might take it. You just never had to worry about that kind of stuff in Irvine, or its surrounding communities. I knew that once I moved back that my life would suck. No friends, not having my own place, and having to deal with bullshit like what happened 2 weeks ago and what happened today.

So fuck you whoever stole my stereo. Fuck everyone who's ever stared at me driving in my car because I lowered it. I fucking hate the fact that I live so close to fucking Mexico that it motivates people to steal shit from people because its worth more in Mexico. That's it!.....I fucking hate this place.