★ Updates..Again

Over a week has passed since an update. So here's an update.

My first week at Apple has been great. The people are cool, the customers are better since they don't bitch about not having their size, and it's fun talking to people about something that you enjoy. I do have some complaints. They have me in the back most of the time. Back there, you don't really get to talk with customers, but it's cool for those days where you kind of don't feel like talking to anyone.

I had ANOTHER interview yesterday. This time with Paker Hannifin. I think it went well. Definitely easier than other interviews I've had. They were more interested in me as a person, instead of what I know or what I did in school. My interviewer even complimented me as having "an outgoing personality", which was cool. I take pride in being an atypical engineer. They gave me a tour of the place and then sent me home with some literature. I would love to get the position since it's in Irvine. I stressed that in the interview, so I hope they'll remember that when looking through all the applicants.

The new blink 182 album came out last week. I like it. They're finally growing up. Most of the songs are still about girls and relationships, but there are other songs where the content is more mature. Their sound also isn't typical pop-punk. I like it better than "Take Off Your Pants...."

And finally, this website is now 2 years old. It doesn't sound like a long time, but looking through the archives, it's a lot of posts. Here's to many more posts and redesigns.

: I'm Lost Without You by Blink 182