★ Selling Apples

Yesterday, I had an interview with the Apple Store. Some people might wonder why I'm applying for another retail job. First of all, I think it would be cool to sell Apples. And second, it would be nice to have a source of income while I continue to search for full time employment. I felt the interview went well. She had us do a role play where she was a customer who was looking at the iPods. She asked me questions like "What does it do?", "What's an mp3?" and "Why is it so expensive?" I think she was impressed with how I was able to translate geek speak into layman's terms. At least I thought she was impressed. The lengthy part of the application process would be the background check. So we'll see in a couple weeks if I get to say that I work for Apple.

I also decided to tweak the layout of the site. I basically switched the two columns and changed them from static to fluid columns (resize your browser window). I also got tired of the dashed borders. I still need to add some text styling to the headers but I'll get to those soon enough.