So my PC pretty much died a couple days ago. For whatever reason, it wouldn't start up. I opened the case and saw the connector from the power supply to the motherboard was burnt. I have no idea why it would completely burn the plastic off one of the connecting pins. It's not like I do anything intensive with my PC. I was playing Madden 2004 at the time. My power supply was a pretty decent one; a 300W Antec power supply that I bought not even a year ago. Now I probably have to get a new motherboard on top of a new power supply since the connector on the motherboard also got torched. Or I could get a G5. It's probably overkill for what I do. G4s are cheaper now since they're discontinued. My ass needs some money first.

Rochelle came down for the weekend. While she was down, we cleaned my room, went to Kabuki Sushi in PB, studied at Border's and looked out over San Diego from Mt. Soledad. We also got some Mexican food since she can't really get that kind of quality Mexican food in Orange County.

: Going Away To College by Blink 182