★ Career Fair #3

I drove up to Irvine to check out the Engineering and Technical Career fair. Unlike the sorry job fair I went to last month, this one was made for people like me. I ran into Thi at the Northrop Grumman booth. I had two interviews with her last year and it was nice seeing her again. She introduced me to people I needed to talk to for getting a job at Northrop. She also put in some good words for me. I thanked her again for everything she has done for me. A couple booths down, I met George who also worked at Northrop. I talked to him for a couple minutes and we found out that we had a lot of things in common. He told me that I reminded him of himself when he was in college. Lots of potential but it didn't show in the GPA. He gave me some words of advice and his personal contact info. Let's hope I hear from them in the future, hopefully soon.

I also spent considerable time on campus for the first time since graduating last June. It was like being reinserted into the Matrix after being set free. It was nice walking around and seeing some familiar faces. I spent some time using the wireless network. Not to be mean, but it felt nice watching everyone do homework knowing that I don't have to worry about that ever again. Or do I? And of course, a visit to the OC isn't complete without a happy hour at BJ's.