★ Useless Jobs

I used to think that parking enforcement was the only job that the world could do without. I mean, no one appreciates what they do. Always driving slow to check the time remaining, you give them dirty looks as you overtake them. You see a Crown Victoria with lights on top behind you but your emotions go from fear to anger as you find out that it's only parking enforcement. You see someone writing a ticket and you wish you knew the driver to alert them of what's going on. You never hear a little child say, "I want to be a parking enforcer when I grow up!" I'm sure most of them are good people with families to support but couldn't they find some other type of work??

Today I added another occupation to the list. Telemarketing. So I get this call on my parents' home line, so I know it's either the Red Cross asking for blood or some telemarketer. The call came during dinner so it had to be a telemarketer. So it's my credit card company asking if I wanted to pay an extra $1 to protect myself from credit card fraud. The whole time, this lady is reading a script like a second grader. Instead of just hanging up on her, I let her do her job and then kindly say no thanks when I got the chance. That chance came almost 3 minutes into the phone call. As I politely declined, she had a reply ready to fire back at me. I declined again eager to get back to my food, but she dropped her script and desperately tried to sell me this plan herself. The last thing I heard as a hung up was, "Mr. Torres, have you seen on TV how easy it is for people to...." Click.

Most of the time, when I say no to a telemarketer, they just say thank you and keep going down the list. But this chick kept blabbing after I said no 3 times. It was then that I decided to add telemarketer to my list of occupations the world could do without.