★ Hawaii: Day 7

Today was swap meet day. Every weekend, there's a huge swap meet at the Aloha Stadium parking lot. All these vendors come out and sell stuff ranging from Hawaiian souvenirs to cheap ass t-shirts to fake designer shoes. Too bad it was freaking hot. I got 7 necklaces for $5.

Later, we ate at Sansei Sushi. This place was recommended to us by Marco but it failed to satisfy our very discriminating tastes. First of all, the place was too dark. I couldn't even see my food. And worst of all, they had karaoke the whole night! Then there was that 17% gratuity automatically added to discounted checks (half off sushi) BEFORE the discount. Basically a $16 gratuity was added on to our $50 meal. Do the math. After telling our waiter that the charge was ridiculous, he took it off. It was at this point of our trip that we realized we started to miss California.