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I got a new domain name!

Let me tell you a story. I randomly visited my site one day and I noticed *gasp* ads plastered on my site. They were the syndicated Google ads that show ads relevant to the content of your site. I would remember if I had signed up for something like that. Baffled, I viewed the source of my site from the web browser. I scroll to the bottom and there's this Javascript crap that I can't understand, and more importantly, I didn't even put in the first place. Confused, I fired up my old friend, Internet Explorer. Alas, the ads were gone. Now why in the world would the ads show up in Mozilla but not in Internet Explorer?

I knew for a fact that only Tripod could have inserted that Javascript since I know I never signed up for syndicated ads through Google. So I go to their site looking for some explanation for the new ads and I couldn't find any documentation concerning them. I then go to the website manager section and look at the "Change ad type" option. The option to serve pop up ads are now gone. This is the option I was using since Mozilla and Safari have the ability to block pop ups, but that option was now missing.

After staring at my Tripod infected code, I stumbled upon the answer.

l=d.layers; //netscape 4 detection trick.

Since Mozilla uses the same Gecko core that Netscape uses, due to this hack, the ads appear. Now why only Gecko browsers? Because they have pop up blockers built in. They don't appear in IE since they can't inherently block pop ups. Tripod needed the money so bad and they felt that enough people were using Mozilla or Safari that they needed a way for their ads to be seen no matter what. So they took away the ability to serve pop up ads and inserted this hack to slip ads in on Mozilla browsers.

So that's why I have a new domain name. I wrote a letter to Tripod telling them they should have let their members know about this change and how pathetic they were for being so desperate to show their ads. Thankfully, I have a new host that takes a good approach at free web hosting. You simply buy a domain name through them and they provide free webhosting. I just uploaded all my files and pictures and am happy with my new ad free site. So update your bookmarks, I guess.

: Bend And Not Break by Dashboard Confessional