★ YLJ v 4.0

WHEW! I redid my site. Yes again. This time I worked on the layout. I got inspired by D. Keith Robinson's layout along with other design related weblogs. I hope no one gets upset. For those of you keeping count, this would be YLJ v. 4.0. The last version was essentially a table based layout that incorporated an iframe to display the content. As of late, I've been getting into web standards based design and I've discovered the advantages of using such a design.

The layout you see now was coded using XHTML for the structure and content and CSS for the design and layout. The advantage of such a design is that almost any device with a web browser will be able to read the content of this site. PDAs, web-enabled phones, and Netscape Navigator 4 are able to read my website, just without all the pretty pictures and layout. Any standards-compliant web browser will display the site as I intended. With a single CSS file controlling the layout and design, I can theoretically redesign the site just by tweaking this one file. Oh yea, no tables were used to create the layout. This is another advantage of using CSS based design. No more endless nested tables, no more redundant tags and smaller html files. Cool, huh?

I have way too much time on my hands.

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