★ Song of the Week

: Only One by Yellowcard

I picked up the new album, Ocean Avenue, from Yellowcard yesterday. Yes, I still buy CDs. Only the good ones and the ones I feel are worth buying. This is their first release from a major label. I think it sounds really good in terms of production quality. It was produced by the same guy who did the last two New Found Glory albums. It doesn't sound overproduced but it sounds better than The Underdog EP and One For The Kids.

As for the actual music, it's definitely Yellowcard. You'd think that adding a violin to a punk band would get old after awhile, but the formula still works. The song playing right now, I think, is the best song on the album. When you turn it up loud in the car or your headphones, you can feel the emotion, as he's literally "screaming out". I think we'll be hearing from these guys for some time to come. No, this wasn't an album review.

I added links to the song and artist to the "iTunes is currently playing:" feature. When you click on them, if you are using a Mac, you will be taken to either the song and/or artist in the iTunes Music Store. If you are unfortunate enough to have a PC, I have no idea where the links will take you.

I have one more week here in the OC before I move back to San Diego. I might as well make the most of it.