★ Pizza And Beer

I'm sure everyone has seen dolphins; certainly on TV or even at Sea World. I'm sure some people have paid money to "swim" with dolphins while a trainer attentively stands by. Today, I got the closest I've ever been to dolphins without cheating. I was at Newport Beach body boarding as usual. Even dolphins at Newport aren't anything new, I've seen them myself last year. But this time, I got close. Maybe not as close as to touch them, but pretty damn close considering I wasn't at Sea World. I got to within 50 ft. of 3 dolphins as they wandered close to the beach. I could hear their blow holes gasping for air as they came up to breathe. They even got playful and started jumping into the air, as if they wanted the attention of the people on the beach. It was really amazing and I wish I had pictures to share.

When you're not taking classes or going to work, the days and the weeks blend into one long weekend. The 16th crept up unexpectedly so Rochelle and I had a typical dinner: pizza and beer in front of the television. It's funny how the simple things are always fun.

I really need to get back into a normal sleeping pattern.

: Timberwolves at New Jersey by Taking Back Sunday