★ Vegas

Went to Vegas this past weekend. We (Rochelle, Joe, Mirabel, Ronald, Heidi, and I) stayed at Harrah's for the low price of free. We ate at the World Buffet at the Rio. I had two plates of crab legs but I could've gone back for 2 or 3 more plates, easily.

After that, we danced the night away at Rain. But the best part of the night was waiting in line. Yes. In line. Apparently another event was going on at the outdoor pool lounge right next to Rain and a bunch of celebrities were present. We saw Daryl Hannah, Donald Faison (Clueless, Scrubs), Robin Leech, Jerry Rice, Jason Biggs (American Pie), Taye Diggs, Dennis Hopper, Josh Hartnett, Rick Yune (Fast and the Furious), Stephen Baldwin, Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville), and Benicio Del Toro (Traffic, The Usual Suspects). Since we were first in line for Rain, we were bumping shoulders with these stars, literally. Ok, not all of them, just Robin Leech. Oh and Justin Timberlake, Vin Diesel, and Black Eyed Peas were "supposedly" at the club during the course of the night.

Aside from the traffic caused by Mr. Timberlake, the trip was fun and probably the best Vegas trip I've had.