★ Espanol

i got my spanish test back today. i got an 89. not bad for my first spanish test in over 4 years, but i know i couldve done better if i studied more. lets see what i did this weekend.


went to newport since i havent been to the beach in about a week. horrible conditions...no sun with choppy, inconsistent sets. not much fun at all.


headed out to the pier at huntington beach to meet up with pat and francis. definitely made up for the day before. the sun was out, there were decent waves, and got to hang out with two friends i rarely see.

other than that, ive been working on the new site, and been hanging out with rochelle every chance i get.

random thought: who came up with the saying, "kill two birds with one stone"? im not fond of killing birds (unless theyre pigeons), so i tried to come up with another way of saying that. how bout, "cut down two trees, with one saw"? can you think of one???

ps. heres a little preview of the new layout....