★ SUVs, HDDs and Studying

yea, i know its been awhile since ive posted, but dammit, im busy. i cant remember all thats happened since the last time ive posted, but ill try my best. crap, i cant...i remember going back to SD this past weekend and that was alright. oh yea. our family got a new 4runner sr5 sport edition. very nice. almost makes me want to get an SUV. almost. and today, i just quadrupled the storage capacity of my computer. i bought a maxtor 60gig 7200rpm for (minus rebates plus tax) about $110. not bad. just need the XP disk and some free time and then ill put that sucker in. spent almost 7 hours at the library today just to not even finish 5 problems. i do hope this engineering degree will pay off some day. thats about it. oh yea, happy 21st mira and happy 16th chellezipan.