★ Weekend Update


my partner in crime and i had a night out on the town. ok not really, but heres what we did. since it was friday, we went to wahoos fish taco at crystal court to eat. we stopped by the apple store, then we ordered. i had a fish burrito and 24 oz fosters (austrailian for beer). i got a free CD too. chelle had a fish teriyaki bowl and nachos. we headed over to blockbuster and bought some used DVDs. i got the fast and the furious, and chelle got american pie 2 and memento. memento is a movie about a man with anteroretrograde amnesia. its an ingenious way of telling a story and a movie i am definitely going to watch again. after a good buzz, its time to crash


as we all know, OC is boring so rochelle and i spent the afternoon in LA. after lunch at roscoes, we took sunset blvd. across the city. the coolest thing we saw? an absolut billboard ad. we headed over to a photo supply shop (the original purpose of our trip), got what we needed, and endured the drive home with the mandatory LA traffic. chelle goes home, and so do i to type this....