★ Valentine's Day, Vegas and More Updates

holy crap its been a week since ive blogged. heres what ive been up to...


valentines day. instead of being traditional, i skipped the flowers, i ignored the candy, hell, i didnt even bother to make reservations. sometimes the most thoughtful things mean the most, so i thought to myself, what would mean the most to my special someone? so instead of going out and seeing hundreds of couples that night, we stayed in, and had a simple, homemade, candlelit dinner. on the menu, teriyaki salmon with lime, fettucine alfredo and white wine, with beethoven mp3s in the background. my own little italian restaurant. dinner turned out delicious. thank you chelle for my new inspiring photo.


leave for vegas. every year for the past four years, mr. hill and i have gone to las vegas for chinese new year. we go and run around different hotels carrying a dragon and we get paid. pretty cool huh.


i think i had my longest day ever today. i spent over 15 hours away from my place. im exhausted and things arent going so well.

ps. sources close to me say that work has begun on You Love Jay v3.0. plans are in the early stages of development, but ill let you know as soon as i hear more about it.