★ The Block, La Jolla, 360

sorry, but ive been busy the past couple days...i forgot what i did last week, so heres my weekend.


after work, i went to the block with edward, joseph, and mark. ed fixed his phone, and mark got some dickies. oh, and we went to megaburger before that. hung out with rochelle for about an hour, then headed home for san diego


rochelle came down to visit. we used up the last of our AE gift cards, and went to la jolla to take some pictures for her photography class. i was showing her some of the crazy houses in la jolla when we come across a black on black ferrari 360 spyder. there are no words, in ANY language, to describe the way this car looks, feels and sounds. me and another onlooker coax the driver to floor the accelerator while he left. it didnt take much coaxing. a 360 spyder at full throttle sounds like no other car/machine on this earth. it blends the low rumble of a V8 with the high pitched wail of an F1 inspired race engine. utterly amazing. those crazy italians... hmm...everytime i go with shellie on her homework escapades, i meet or see something famous or awe inspiring. cool.


went to church, saw the last play of the super bowl, did laundry, drive back to irvine.