★ Westwood


orange county is boring. all there is to do here is shop at the numerous malls or eat out. so rochelle and i went to la. the la auto show was our first stop. 3 halls to go through. 1 hall is as big as the SD auto show, so this one's 3 times as big. my picks: aston martin vanquish and vantage, mb c32 amg, bmw m5, bmw m3, mb sl 500, nissan 350z...i could go on forever...

we stop by westwood and visit francis. relaxtation, diddy reise, and jack in the box. we ran into some drunk person on our walk back to the apt. he was talking about how when hes drunk, he has some fetish for darting out in front of passing cars. anyways, we pass some girl on her cell phone and this guy just takes it from her and starts running with it. while hes running, a car pulls out from a driveway, and he jumps and rolls on the hood and keeps running. very amusing...we dont get this stuff in irvine.


target, irvine city auto parts, a cat humping a ball of yarn, fluid dynamics...weekends are too short.