★ Another Recap


the ONE cool thing that happened that day...i saw a ferrari 550 on the street. it was a silver convertible. i didnt see it on a website, or in a magazine, but out in public making a left hand turn from university drive onto culver. i was speechless. that car is worth more than my house. insane.


had a quiz. i did well. got my paycheck. more money into the pot. 2 more problems to do in fluids. thatll be cake. three day weekend coming up. yay. today is the 16th day of the 1st month of the year.

later that night...

went to bjs for dinner with rochelle. had the beer sampler. bjs has some of the best beer. i tried 4 of their beers for 3.95. not bad i think. took the scenic route home. took a food induced nap. now i wont be able to sleep. oh yea...one last thing. UCI needs more than one freaking Washington Mutual ATM. during peak times, the line can be up to 10 minutes long...even longer when people have to make deposits or dont even know how to use ATMs. ok...thats all. good night.