★ Update

mondaybarely studied for my math final which was a JOKE! just showed up for the "group" part of our final where we post our results we came up with as a "team". our final problem was to design an underground tunnel from LA to Paris that produced the fastest traveling time. design the path anyway you want, just as long as you come up with a fast time. our time: 35.7 mins. fastest theorectical time: 35.5 mins. not bad...oh yea, bought clothes...yay.

tuesday worked. Danny got canned...that blows. tried to study, but all my other friends were studying for fluids, so it was basically studying by myself. absolut obsession. real world finale. hot apple cider. phone charger for my car. NFG/Starting Line posters. sleep...

today work. delivery in the marshmallow. chicago chicago pizza. procrastinate by blogging....final tomorrow @ 8am. good luck me.