★ Lazy Winter Vacay


went to best buy and 2 walmarts to get an extra controller, an RF adapter, and a game for my brothers gamecube. im also in the market for a dvd rom but nothing caught my eye. we got super smash brothers melee. its basically an all out royal rumble featuring a lot of past nintendo characters. its pretty cool. borrowed return to castle wolfenstein from fred since i got tired of playing mp3s on my computer.


nothing yet...hopefully ill get out of the house today.

later that night

i swear the jack in the box on the corner of coronado ave and saturn blvd is home to slowest, most incompetent people in their work force. EVERYtime i go, the person after gets their order before i do. the last 4 times ive gone, i remember the service either slow, or the workers being VERY incompetent. after my 2 tacos for $2.13, i went to infiltrate the nazis in return to castle wolfenstein. ok tomorrow, i REALLY have to get out of the house...4 more days till next year.